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New York, United States, 2010

This is a photograph of Robert De Niro in his studio in his projection room in Tribeca, New York City. It's part of a project I worked on called ‘The Last Role of Kodachrome’. Kodachrome was probably the best film ever made, and when I heard that they were going to discontinue and the life of Kodachrome is coming to an end, I asked Kodak if I could have the last manufactured role. Then I thought, you know what? I want to honor this film and travel around the world photographing iconic places and situations. Well, I started in New York and I thought, who better to start with than the iconic actor Robert De Niro. This is him in his projection room. I went from New York to India, Turkey and back to New York and eventually had that last role processed at the last lab in the world, in a very small town in Kansas called Parsons. And this was my tribute to Kodachrome.

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