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Kabul, Afghanistan, 1992

I saw these boys in the boot or the trunk of a car in a taxi, running down the street in Kabul, and I was really quite amused. I took several pictures. What happened was that inside the taxi was already full, so the next step was to jump into the trunk or the boot of the taxi. What happens in Afghanistan when that becomes full, then they jump onto the roof. Sometimes there is twenty or more passengers in one car. There is a very thriving used car business in Afghanistan. This was a 1959 Chevrolet, which it perhaps came in from Iran, Pakistan, India or Central Asia. The boys in the truck are part of the Hazara community, and they look sort of more Chinese because their ancestry dates back to Genghis Khan in Central Asia. They came in maybe 5-6 seven hundred years ago, and they look more Chinese, in fact, than Afghan.

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